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Amir Omer Hamid Ibrahim

Senior Legal Counsel

Case Management and Litigation specialist

Registered as Legal Adviser in Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department

Amir Omer Hamid Ibrahim is Our top Legal counsel with 21 years of experience in The Legal Field dealing with all types of civil and criminal cases.

Out of the 21 years Counsel Amir has 10 year’s experience in UAE with different advocate offices tackling variety of cases at all levels of the Courts from corporate to commercial to civil all the way to criminal.

Abdul Azeaz

Abdul Azeaz

Senior Legal Counsel

Over 20 years of experience 

Specialized in International Trade, Arbitration and litigation.

Ritesh Singh

Ritesh Singh

Senior Legal Counsel

Over 16 years of Experience 

Specialized in International Trade, Arbitration , aviation and corporate services.

Magd Shawkat Jour

Magd Shawkat Jbour

Legal Consultancy

Litigate Lawyer

Registered Advocate of the Bar Association in Syria

Magd Shawkat is a Bachelor of Laws graduate with 8 years of Experience in the Legal field, His legal practice focuses primarily on Litigation such as case management, Case follow up, Appealing cases, Legal Notices and much more.

aesha alalyawy

Aesha Alalyawy

Head of Client Relations

Over 16 years of UAE experience


Operations Director with an excellent management track record over Expertise in : (Risk Management, Vendor Management, Project Planning and Development, Client Relationship Management, Quality & strategies)

Dorisa Manalang

Dorisa Manalang

Legal Secretary

Over 10 years of UAE Experience