Rental Dispute

marine and maritime

Key Contacts

Amir Omer Hamid Ibrahim

Senior Legal Counsel

Case Management and Litigation specialist

Registered as Legal Adviser in Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department

Amir Omer Hamid Ibrahim is Our top Legal counsel with 21 years of experience in The Legal Field dealing with all types of civil and criminal cases.

Out of the 21 years Counsel Amir has 10 year’s experience in UAE with different advocate offices tackling variety of cases at all levels of the Courts from corporate to commercial to civil all the way to criminal.

Marine and Maritime in UAE

Our firm is working closely with the Rental Dispute committees in the UAE and provides a high level of legal services to our clients. Our team engages itself with negotiating contracts; provide advice on public-private projects, administration and risk management matters. We provide consultations and guidance on issues involving rental disputes and conciliation procedures to ensure social and economic stability while also supporting the sustainable growth of the state.